Project: Bilstein of America
Client: Definity Partners

This video, shot in October 2010, was my first opportunity to work with a pro – long-time television news journalist Laura Randall, who wrote and produced the piece. We worked side by side for a full day, shooting nearly a dozen interviews along with extensive b-roll, mostly on the production floor. The third member of the team was video editor/digital artist Dylan Cahall, who was freelancing from his day job at zone communication group.

Definity Partners is a business improvement firm. Our task was to tell the story of how Definity Partners helped a local maker of world-class shock absorbers, Blistein, improve communication and respect, become an employer of choice in the area and drive productivity gains throughout the organization.

The client was thrilled with the final video. It’s on their homepage and has over 1,900 hits on YouTube.


Project: Asian Art Auction
Client: Cowan’s

I shot the video for this piece in about 90 minutes during Cowan’s Inaugural Asian Art Auction last August in their Cincinnati headquarters. The client didn’t want to show that there were only three people in the auction house for the sale – nearly all the bidders were on the Internet. Edited quickly and on budget by Ken Maxwell, freelance creative media producer. I love the collaboration involved in video production. it’s all about the team effort!


Project: 2012 HOPE (Holy Land Outreach to Palestinian Educators) Pilgrimage
Client: HOPE/Archdiocese of Cincinnati

In 2012, Father Rob Waller, St. Andrew’s Parish, was Shepherd to fiftteen teachers/educators from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati (AOC) who traveled to the Holy Land and partnered with teachers from the Latin Patriarchate (LP) schools. These are Palestinian Christians who have the same desire to teach their students as do the AOC teachers. They became instant friends and they became the voices of HOPE for the LP teachers.

This was my second trip to the Holy Land. It’s total immersion, a wonderful way to work. I never imagined that my profession would take me to the other side of the world. Telling the stories of the pilgrims is such a privilege.

This slideshow is pretty fast paced. Don’t blink or you’ll miss something!


Project: Appeal to Donors for Funding
Client: Cornerstone Corp. for Shared Equity, a nonprofit in Over-the-Rhine

In the Summer of 2011, Kevin Hughes approached me to help him create a “low-budget video” to show what his organization does and why they need more funding. It was a real “run-and-gun” job, shot in about two hours and edited over a couple sessions. Video was the perfect tool over still photographs because of the size of the properties we had to show. And having Kevin looking right into the camera helped him reach out to donors in a way that’s more effective and efficient than a mailer or phone call.


Project: Tour of a Church
Client: RCL Benziger

My former editor at The Catholic Telegraph left and began working as the senior editor/digital services at RCL Benziger, a 220-year-old company involved in religious education. The assignment was to create a web-based video explaining all the parts of a Catholic Church for young school children. Tricia Hempel wrote the script. I shot the 20+ scenes in about 2 hours. And Ken Maxwell secured the voice actor and completed the editing to the client’s approval.


Project: “Andy the Fish,” Part of HOPE 2012
Client: HOPE/Archdiocese of Cincinnati

This is an example of why it’s nice to have the option for video capture on a DSLR camera. I had no idea Father Rob was going to do what he did, but being able to flip one switch on my camera to capture video of him telling the story of “Andy” became one of my favorite moments of the HOPE 2012 Pilgrimage. And the “St. Peter Fish” shown in the beginning was delicious!


Just for Fun

Sometimes it’s fun just capturing what’s around you:

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