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Flying Pigs

The 14th Flying Pig Marathon has come and gone and from my vantage point – the back of a Toyota Tundra pick-up – I saw things in a whole new light this year.

As part of a five-member photo team, my main assignment is to stay ahead of the lead male marathon runner and make as many interesting photos as I can of him and the other runners. In past years, I’ve left the leader at around mile 23 and headed to the Finish Swine (it’s a pig thing, ok?). But this year, Gameday PR’s Jackie Reau asked me to stay out on the course, saying that photographer Paula Norton was in place to make those photos, so we spent the next hour or so driving head-on into the coming runners.

Here’s what we saw.

The Hogwash Station at Mile 23 where runners can asked to be sprayed down and can even grab a towel to go:

Five runners tethered together attempting to break the Guiness Book of World Records record for conjoined marathoners (who knew!):

And I FINALLY found out where all those runners get their beers:

While photographing Rachel Bea, the eventual female marathon winner, around mile 24, I photographed a spectator who didn’t even look up from the book she was reading: “Catching Fire,” which Wikipedia says is a book in the “Hunger Game” series. Must be a helluva page turner!

And once we make it in to the Finish Swine, there’s plenty of good photos to be made every second! One of my favorites, which I’ve never seen before, was this marathoner who picked up a baby on her way to the finish. That’s the youngest finisher I’ve EVER shot!




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