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Wanna bet?

Assignment: Main cover shot for the Business Courier – two construction business owners, Ishmael Jackson, owner of Alpha-Omega Construction, and Jeff Hudepohl, Valley Interior Systems, at the Horseshoe Casino construction site (without hardhats – thanks, Rob!). Anyone remember the floor collapse during a concrete pour a few months ago? What are the chances they’re gonna let anyone within 100 yards of that job do anything unsafe, including removing their hardhats?

Took a walking tour with Business Courier senior staff reporter Dan Monk, made a nice image of the two men walking along a wall of metal supports but they had those pesky hardhats on.

So we walked to what will be the main entrance and for some reason, the restrictive chain link fence was being moved, allowing us a nearly-clean shot of the two subjects, OUTSIDE the job site, so they could remove all their safety gear, just as editor Rob Daumeyer asked for! And thanks, Ishmael, the blue argyle sweater really looks good!

We also got to shoot some video, some of the first to come out of the interior of the job site. Here’s a link to the Business Courier’s blog item from last week:


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